Check if your personal information
has been exposed in a data breach

Data breach online report, dark web search, how to find out if your email or password has been stolen. Find out how popular you are on the dark web.

Is your information on the dark web?
Data breach, dark web search, How to find out if your email or password has been stolen? Start now your online scan here or order the email-enhanced analysis report.

Find out how popular you are on the dark web?
Account information exposed in data breaches can lead to identity theft. Deleteme checks if your private information appears in known data breaches. Deleteme and partners scan the dark web and can help you protect your identity. A dark web scan discovered that your personal and financial information was for sale.

   The Dark Web is the ATM for identity thieves

How to find out if your password, email, ID, etc., has been stolen.
The first step in responding to a data breach is to determine precisely what information was exposed. Enter an email address to check if you have a data breach hit accounts or your organization or private for a complete search, ask for the enhanced breach report.

At deleteme, you can search for an investigation to find out which is exposed to the public, including passwords, account numbers, correspondence, names, home addresses, telephones, emails, and more at enhanced breach reports.

What should you do now?
There are steps you can take to minimize the damage.
If you want a complete internet breach search to find out what personal information has been liked, ask for the internet footprint report. And then order the data breach removal.

How can a data breach affect me?
Sensitive information like user­names, pass­words or social security numbers, identity cards, etc., are leaked is a risk for identity theft.

What is identity theft?
Identity theft, specifically online identity theft, involves someone posing as you using your private information, usually for profit. Criminals generally obtain this data by accessing public information or data breaches.

Free dark web search. Your identity may be at risk!
Find out what data leaked, such as your passwords, emails, telephone, IP, or other private data, has been exposed by hackers on the internet.

What can the offline data breach enhance analysis report include?
Data breach enhance report looks for personal information that criminals can use to steal your identity. That can include the following:

  • Social security number, ID, passports;
  • Email address;
  • Passwords;
  • Bank account numbers;
  • Phone numbers;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Credit/debit cards;
  • Retail/membership cards;
  • And many others;

How long will the report be ready?
The report will take about three working days.

Can I ask for same-day report, which is 24 hours??
Yes, with extra cost.

No Credit Card, Hidden Fees, or Annual Contract. Pay only for what you need – no monthly subscriptions. Prices: All prices are in $US. European clients and others will be automated and changed to local currency at checkout.

Online check – You can search online if your email or password is leaked and then select:

  1. Easily choose if you want to unlock the report, as we give free only one email/password;
  2. Choose if you wish to remove your breaches;
  3. You can order the enhanced beach report;
  4. You can do more research by registering at;

Delete – Don’t gamble your data; proceed with the deletion from all the companies listing your private information.