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Deleteme Privacy Meter is a potent tool for individually auditing data, aiding in the quantitative analysis of fundamental privacy risks during the data protection impact assessment. It features user-friendly tools for effortless privacy risk auditing.

What is a Privacy Meter? Privacy Meter is a powerful tool for auditing individual data. It helps in the data protection impact assessment process by quantitatively analyzing the fundamental privacy risks. Privacy Meter is user-friendly, with easy-to-use tools for auditing privacy risks.

A Privacy Meter is a comprehensive tool that measures the extent of your privacy based on several criteria. It evaluates your online behaviors, security settings, and the amount of personal information exposed publicly. The tool then provides a score or rating that reflects your overall privacy status, along with recommendations for improvement.

Benefits of using a Privacy Meter

  1. Enhanced Privacy Awareness:
    • Understand the extent of your personal information exposure and the risks associated with it.
  2. Actionable Insights:
    • Receive specific recommendations to improve your online privacy and security.
  3. Proactive Protection:
    • Identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.
  4. Peace of Mind:
    • Gain confidence in your ability to manage and protect your digital footprint effectively.
  5. Continuous Improvement:
    • Regular monitoring and updates help maintain a high level of privacy and adapt to new threats.

Privacy Meter tool. The image features a sleek digital dashboard displaying various metrics related to personal data security
Can I buy the report with the data used for the Privacy Meter?
Yes, it is your digital footprint report. Limitations can apply to European residents. You need to contact us, and after you give us your concern, we can send you the full report. Privacy Meter Generate risk estimates?
Yes, and presented with percentages and different colors to estimate the risk.

How does Privacy Meter work?  Privacy Meter generates reports from public data. Privacy Meter can readily estimate the privacy risk of your public data. The percentage is calculated based on public data searches, data brokers, email breaches, and personal information leaks.

What is the source of the Data?
Only public data and 3rd party suppliers.

Can I have continuous monitoring?
Please contact us

Does Deleteme Privacy Meter use AI or complicated scoring formulas?

Case Study: Improving Privacy with a Privacy Meter

Scenario: An individual concerned about their online privacy used a Privacy Meter tool to evaluate their digital footprint.

Actions Taken:

  1. Privacy Meter Assessment: The tool provided a detailed report on the individual’s privacy status, highlighting areas of vulnerability.
  2. Password Update: Weak and reused passwords were updated to stronger, unique ones.
  3. Social Media Settings: Privacy settings on social media accounts were adjusted to limit public visibility.
  4. Data Broker Removal: Personal information was removed from several data broker sites.
  5. Phishing Awareness: The individual was educated on recognizing phishing attempts and implemented email security measures.

Results: The individual’s privacy score improved significantly, reducing their risk of identity theft and increasing their overall online security.

A Privacy Meter is essential for anyone looking to enhance their online privacy and security. A Privacy Meter helps you take control of your personal information and protect against potential threats by providing a comprehensive assessment of your digital footprint and offering actionable recommendations.

For more information and assistance in using a Privacy Meter, contact the researcher team.

  • Percentages from 0 to 100%
  • Different colors show the estimated privacy risk assessment;

Privacy meter generates reports from public data. Privacy meter can readily estimate the privacy risk of your public data. The percentage is calculated based on public data searches, data brokers, email breaches, and personal information leaks.

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