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LockBit publishes confidential data stolen from Cannes hospital in France
The Thomson Reuters terrorist database World-Check used by banks and intelligence agencies worldwide was leaked online.
Data Sources
Landmark European AI Act Passed By The European Parliament
Your data, their profit: the data brokers you know nothing about
CJEU decision in a Hungarian GDPR case – Is the principle of limits of action applicable to GDPR-Infringements?
Privacy Isn’t Dead. Far From It.
The Fundamentals for a Child-Oriented Approach to Data Processing
Engineering Personal Data Protection in EU Data Spaces
Europe: EDPS finds that the European Commission has infringed data protection rules
Nemesis Market: German Authorities Shut Down Major Dark Web Marketplace
Large online dictionary leaks nearly 7M records
Anonymous claims Facebook and Instagram going down across world was ‘cyber attack’
New Jersey Becomes 14th State to Enact a Comprehensive State Privacy Law
Regulators crack down on company selling detailed location data
K ICO Launches Consultation Series on Generative AI
Comcast Discloses Breach Affecting About 36 Million Accounts
Commission finds that EU personal data flows can continue with 11 third countries and territories
Deleteme.com announced the launch of the Privacy Portal today.
CJEU Rules that GDPR Prohibition on Automated Decision-Making Applies to Credit Scoring
CJEU Rules on Processing of Sensitive Data and Compensation Under the GDPR
As lawmakers mull outlawing poor security, what can they really do to tackle online gangs?
Ransomware Group Claims Cyber Breach of Xerox Subsidiary
Ransomware: 2023 Victim Count Appears to Reach Record Levels
Hackers hit Australian state’s court recording database
Google Settles 5 Billion USD Privacy Lawsuit Over Tracking People Using Incognito Mode.
BlackCat hacked
AlphV BlackCat allegedly calls for ransomware gang cartel to stand up to police
Xfinity hack affects nearly 36 million customers.
How to Make Your Web Searches More Secure and Private
Data Breach Response: A Guide for Business
App used by hundred of schools leaking children’s data
Hackers demand $60m from TransUnion and Experian, claiming data theft
Welltok data breach exposes data of 8.5 million US patients
Hackers demanded multimillion dollar ransom to end attack against SW Ontario hospitals
Kansas courts confirm data theft, ransom demand after cyberattack
Hundreds of millions of Australian identity checks may have been illegally conducted, Senate hears
Deleteme.com Sales Press Release
The shocking data on Kia and Hyundai thefts in the USA
BianLian extortion group claims recent Air Canada breach
Stop Ransomware: AvosLocker Ransomware
European police, FBI bust international cybercrime gang
Hackers steal sensitive law enforcement data in a breach of the U.S. Marshals Service
Simpson Manufacturing Cyber Attack Information Systems are Down. Simpson is an American Builder.
Ransomware Vulnerability Warning Pilot updates: Now a One-stop Resource for Known Exploited Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations Linked to Ransomware
Prolific cybercrime group reemerges following FBI takedown
SEC investigating MOVEit hack that exposed data of at least 64 million people
AG Jennings Announces $49.5 Million Blackbaud Data Breach Settlement
UK, Data sharing: a code of practice
U.S. Supreme Court to rule on Texas law limiting social media content removal
How to delete yourself from the internet
CJEU declares Meta’s GDPR approach illegal.
Facebook Apparently Will Ask for Consent Before Showing Behavioral Ads to Some Users
Meta (Facebook and Instagram) prohibited from using personal data for advertisement
23 years of illegal data transfers thanks to inactive authorities and new EU-US agreements
Schrems Continuing International Data Transfer Crusade With GDPR Complaint Against Fitbit
Data brokers: Identification possible to sell ads, not to exercise fundamental rights
Grindr fined £5.5m for sharing data for ads
How Mobile Apps Illegally Share Your Personal Data: A Deep Dive
US and UK sanction 11 TrickBot and Conti cybercrime gang members
List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in 2023
Facebook now has to ask permission to track your iPhone. Here’s how to stop it.
Montana’s New Genetic Privacy Law Caps Off Ten Years of Innovative State Privacy Protections
UK Online Safety Bill Will Mandate Dangerous Age Verification for Much of the Web
This Tool Lets Hackers Dox Almost Anyone In The US
We Found Joe Biden’s Secret Venmo. Here’s Why That’s A Privacy Nightmare For Everyone.
Tesla: Company Is in Compliance With Chinese Data Security Laws, “Sentry Mode” Is No Threat
Sourcegraph website breached using leaked admin access token
Over 2.6 Million Duolingo User Records Obtained via Data Scraping Published on Hacking Forum
Forever 21 data breach: hackers accessed info of 500,000
Credentials of NASA, Tesla, DoJ, Verizon, and 2K others leaked by workplace safety organization
1.2 million people hit by meal service data breach — what to do now
Eroding online privacy will hinder security not improve it, experts warn
Tesla: Company Is in Compliance With Chinese Data Security Laws, “Sentry Mode” Is No Threat
Brussels pitches GDPR reform but without opening ‘Pandora’s box’
noyb win: First major fine (€ 1 million) for using Google Analytics
Companies Storing Personal Data Subject to New Compliance Audits in China in 2024
Rollout of Google’s AI Chatbot Held up in EU Over Privacy Concerns
Multi-hospital ransom attack in US claimed by Rhysida gang
Health plan provider PH TECH joins MOVEit victim list, 1.7 million exposed
Data Leak of Identifying Information of Northern Ireland Police Officers Amidst a Backdrop of Increased Tensions
French national employment agency Pôle Emploi faces cyberattack impacting millions
Thales: For Data Breaches, Cloud Assets are Biggest Cybersecurity Headache
Cyber attack forced Belgium’s Public Centre for Social Action to take computer systems offline
Ransomware hackers dwell time drops to 5 days, RDP still widely used
FBI Says North Korean Hackers May Try to Sell $40M of Bitcoin
Zoom revises service terms so it could train AI on user data
Russian Hackers Employ Telekopye Toolkit in Broad Phishing Attacks
US CISA Urges Security by Design for AI
A.I. is helping hackers make better phishing emails
Nickelodeon investigates breach after leak of decades old data
Thales: For Data Breaches, Cloud Assets are Biggest Cybersecurity Headache
Brussels pitches GDPR reform but without opening Pandora’s box
noyb win: First major fine (€ 1 million) for using Google Analytics
Deja Vu: Optus Suffers data breach from major cyber attack
Atlantic General Hospital breach impacted the healthcare data of 137k patients
Always Learning: How AI Prevents Data Breaches
Vendor Pays $75,000 HIPAA Fine in Data Exfiltration Breach
Docs Show FBI Pressures Cops to Keep Phone Surveillance Secrets
TeleSign secretly profiles half of the world’s mobile phone users
US think tank recommends age verification policymaking
Global AdTech Company CRITEO fined €40 million in France for unlawfully collecting personal data
Big four banks caught up in cyber breach
iOttie discloses data breach after site hacked to steal credit cards
Rollout of Google’s AI Chatbot Held up in EU Over Privacy Concerns
Military Satellite Access Sold on Russian Hacker Forum for $15,000
PwC tax scandal: firm engaged in a ‘calculated’ breach of trust, Senate committee finds
Square Yards data leak: passports, financial data exposed
€5 Million GDPR Violation Fine Issued to Spotify, Four Years After Data Access Request Complaint Filed
Ransomware Attack Linked to Permanent Shut Down of Illinois Hospital St. Margaret’s Health in Spring Valley
The BlackCat ransomware gang is now threatening to leak stolen Reddit data
Crypto Lender Midas Capital Suffers Security Breach, Loses $600k+
Every Louisiana Driver’s Details Leaked In Huge Russian Cyber Attack
Online safety bill: changes urged to allow access to social media data
British healthcare platform Lantum leaked doctors’ personal data via cloud misconfiguration
SmartPay investigating breach after ransomware attack
Atrium Wake Forest Baptist reports data breach of patient records
Cybersecurity reassures public over data leak claims in e-Government
Zacks Investment Research Firm Data Breach Expands, Nearly Nine Million Impacted
Capita faces first legal Letter of Claim over mega breach
Good Samaritan Hospital data breach class action settlement
Medical lab data breach exposes millions of patients’ data across states
Approximately 9 million dental patients in the USA affected by a data breach
The US Is Openly Stockpiling Dirt on All Its Citizens
Google says Australia’s online privacy law should target websites instead of search engines
AtlantiCare Notifies Patients of Third-Party Data Breach Leaking Their Social Security Numbers and PHI
Cyber liability insurance vs. data breach insurance
EU moves closer to passing one of world’s first laws governing AI
New report claims US intelligence agencies are buying Americans’ personal data
A Massive Vaccine Database Leak Exposes IDs of Millions of Indians
Russian law firm RKP Law is the newest victim of the Anonymous gang
Hackers Leak i2VPN Admin Credentials on Telegram
Scrubs & Beyond data exposure institute. Twitter’s CSAM detection system found to be lacking. NHS impacted by Capita attack.
Meta fined $1.3B for violating EU GDPR data transfer rules on privacy
TikTok under investigation by Canadian privacy authorities
Twitter says leaked emails not hacked from its systems
Biden order promises EU citizens better data privacy
Hacker steals government ID database for Argentina’s entire population
Thingiverse Data Leak Affects 228,000 Subscribers
German regulator launches investigation into Chinese mobile phones
Norwegian Data Protection Authority choose not to use Facebook
Epik data breach impacts 15 million users, including non-customers
WikiLeaks ‘hacked’ as OurMine group answers ‘hack us’ challenge