Clean your company name
from the organizations offering KYC reports

Know Your Business or ‘KYB’ is a crucial process that verifies the authenticity of corporate entities or businesses you are dealing with. It includes verification of Ultimate Beneficial Owners, third-party businesses, and other corporate entities to deter the risks associated with fraudulent business entities.

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Clean your name from the organizations offering KYC reports

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Clean your name from the organizations offering KYC reports for Business

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Know Your Business or ‘KYB’ is a process that ensures verification of corporate entities or businesses you are dealing with. This is as important as KYC compliance. Business verification includes verification of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs), third-party businesses, and other corporate entities. KYB deters the risks associated with fraudulent business entities. Not only this but as per regulatory requirements and regulations about UBOs verification, KYC has become more than necessary to build a clean customer base as well as business relationships.

Reports generated about your company for the purpose of standard Know Your Client (“KYC”), ‘onboarding’ and due diligence procedures, including by organizations such as may contain data that is inaccurate or out of date and which may be being processed in Breach of your data protection rights.

Some organization’s names include:

  • The LexisNexis, World Compliance;
  • Refinitiv World-Check Risk Intelligence;
  • Encompass;
  • Dow Jones Risk & Compliance;
  • Trulioo;
  • Oracle Financial Crime and Compliance Management;
  • AML Risk Manager;
  • Sanction Scanner;
  • Comply Advantage AML;

What is a watchlist?
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) sanctions lists. These are lists of businesses and companies that are suspected (or convicted) of various financial crimes and restricted from doing Business in sanctioned countries. These lists come from diverse government sources, international regulators, and law enforcement agencies.

Can you search online?
Yes, deleteme offers company online search here.

Remove Sanctions USA OFAC SDN List removal
An OFAC sanction could seem like the end of the road for designated companies that often experience disastrous consequences to their livelihoods and reputations as a result. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. OFAC sanctions are premised on ensuring correct future conduct, not punishing prior alleged misconduct. If a designated individual or entity can show a factual or legal mistake in the designation or demonstrate sufficient changed circumstances, it is possible to be removed.

Deleteme and his partners have the skills, experience, and expertise in conducting internal investigations to identify such mistakes and also advise and create proposals—such as corporate restructuring, governance, accountability, and or personnel changes —to include in applications for removal to OFAC. Deleteme and his partners had successfully caused the removal of multiple individuals from the SDN list. For more information, contact us direct by pressing here.

Is my company or Business listed on these lists?
Instant Search if your name is listed; what’s in your personal KYC Report?
Deleteme gives you instant access to the findings.
Uncover official corporate insights through real-time registry connections globally.

Deleteme with the instant search company name listed will  help you to discover what information such organizations may hold about you and make it available to their subscribers and then proceed to remove it.

How can Deleteme help you?
Deleteme can help you seek the amendment or sometimes removal of such information from their databases. Start your removal now by pressing here.


  1. Send a request by completing the form (make sure you select all the companies and services you would like to delete your information)
  2. You can search online if your name is listed
  3. A support ticket will be automatically created with your request
  4. After successful payment on your part, the process to complete your request will begin. The Report will be sent to your email or uploaded to the system
  5. Online check will divert you to, where you must register FREE,  and then you can run your search.
  • Check online* if your Company is listed on KYB-AML databases – $1
  • Ask update on the personal information they hold about you or correct – $199
  • For every notification the cost is $299
  • Ask to be removed and clean my name from the KYC organizations; after you can decide which links you want to Delete, or you know the links you can send us. Then, according to the complexity, we will send you our offer.
  • Sanctions USA OFAC SDN List removal; after you decide which links you want to Delete or know the links, you can send us. Then, according to the complexity, we will send you our offer.

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