Who We Are

Our Company

It was founded by Criton Tornaritis, an attorney with many years of experience in private and business information. Its primary mission is to assist everyone who needs enhancement and preservation of their digital footprint and internet removal.

Deleteme and its partners have continuously developed and expanded its service offering over time, thanks to its progressive approach and unwavering dedication to staying abreast of the rapidly transforming digital landscape. Furthermore, deleteme strongly advocates for fair representation on the Internet for all individuals and entities alike.

Privacy is a fundamental right, essential to autonomy and the protection of human dignity, serving as the foundation upon which many other human rights are built. It is a service site that facilitates its users by deleting their presence on other sites.

www.deleteme.com is any service tailored to individual or corporate customers’ needs that is perfectly suitable for you.

It’s a site that provides information on privacy laws in multiple countries to educate users better. Find out how you can get your name, personal information, leaked data, and other online information removed from the leading expose websites that are dedicated to exposing infidelity online.

Deleteme assists in removing personal information from publicly available people search database websites, which gather information from existing public records.

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Is Deleteme.com Legit?

It cannot be more legit by a registered trade name in the USA and Europe.
Deleteme® is registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Why choose

At www.deleteme.com we make it easy to take control of your online presence and delete your presence on other sites.

Protect your identity and stop companies from collecting, aggregating, and trading your data without your knowledge. Whether you’re an individual looking for privacy or a business needing tailored solutions and reports, we have plans to meet your needs.

We also provide information on privacy laws in multiple countries to better educate our users on their rights in relation to data privacy.

When it comes to communication, we keep it honest, clear, and transparent. With our help, you can delete all and see it all.

Take control of your online presence with deleteme.com;

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Control your
digital footprint

Even with all the top-rated security tools, like a VPN, antivirus, or password manager, data brokers still have access to your personal information. This sensitive data can be readily available online without your consent, so data removal tools are integral in protecting your privacy.

This is where deleteme comes in; we can search the dark web for your leaks and then remove your information from data broker sites, web leak sites including names, addresses, email, age, phone numbers, and more.

How does
Deleteme work?

Deleteme checks the data left behind whenever you use a digital service. Each time you go online or use a digital service, you’re leaving a trail of information behind you.

How to find out if your password has been stolen? We can remove you from challenging sites!

Search and remove personally doxxing content  from the doxpin site. Take control of your business reputation on search results and review sites. Are you ready to take your privacy and intelligence gathering to the next level?

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Our Company Motto

We see all We delete all

We’re experts in private company information; corporate structures www.deleteme.com is a product designed by a team of experts with many years of experience in business information and credit bureaus.
Deleteme was built on world-class data, and sources are from around and third parties data sources to create something new which will be used and trusted and inform business decisions. We protect your companies from financial and reputational harm to make better decisions safely and effectively.

Why you should hire us

  • Skills and experience because we are very good at what we do;
  • Flexible plans and pricing options;
  • Personal and business data is searched and removed from anywhere;
  • Customization and flexibility of services;
  • We can prove online that we can search for all;
  • We understand how search engines work;
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plans and pricing

Deleteme has several services tailored to individual or corporate customers’ needs that are perfectly suitable for you.

If you want to purchase deleteme for the family, you’ll need to contact the company directly since the family plan prices aren’t public. Please apply here.

Discount coupons are also available.

The Deleteme ™ Solution

Is available for individuals and business. We have solutions for all. Is it a service site that facilitates its users in deleting their presence on other sites.

Provides information on privacy laws in multiple countries to better educate users on their rights in relation to data privacy. If you want to delete, your internet presents www.deleteme.com.

If you really want to terminate your internet presence, you’ll want to eliminate these accounts, especially those you don’t use anymore. The rest of www.deleteme.com can offer you:

To be deleted from the Internet and primary data brokers collect information from public records, delete yourself from data broker sites.

Find all about your email and your social media accounts; maybe you want to clean up your digital tracks.

Use deleteme email not to have problems with a breach or identity theft; then you don’t need to shut down your email accounts.

For more information on individuals and business.

Take control of your online presence with the help of deleteme.com
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The difference with our competitors

Can the competitors offer any of the services below?

  1. Search the dark web;
  2. Search for breach of your data;
  3. Search the social news;
  4. Search all about your name or your organization;
  5. Search if your identity information is stolen;
  6. We work with some of the best attorneys;
  7. We offer privacy data advocacy and answer questions;
  8. if you have questions or need advice, we are here for you;
  9. We offer AI online help if you don’t answer your questions send here;
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About the Technology

Uses open-source software in preference to proprietary or closed-source alternatives, particularly for operating systems, networking software, web servers, databases, and programming languages.

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FASMA works with its customers to provide reliable complex internet solutions, including developing websites for financial markets, e-commerce products, and internet solutions customers, particularly in the financial and retail sectors.

FASMA is one of the suppliers of customized software applications and offers high-quality technology solutions and software products for building business, financials, manufacturing, and internet/e-business applications.