announced the launch of the Privacy Portal today.

What is Privacy Portal
At, trust is foundational to all we do, and we are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. Privacy Portal is a One-stop shop for your privacy search on the internet. Find out how popular you are on the Internet and Dark Web. The Dark Web is the ATM for identity thieves. Privacy Portal is an integrated and automated system that will keep you ahead of Privacy data and leaks with have constant updates.

The Privacy Portal lets you control your Privacy data information, allowing you to access, correct or remove the information from the web.

Services Include

Privacy Meter Privacy Meter is a user-friendly, powerful tool for auditing individual data privacy. It helps in the data protection impact assessment process by quantitatively analyzing the fundamental privacy risks. Start your search now.

Digital Footprint Report Light
The Light Digital Footprint report is data left behind, such as telephones, emails, etc. Start your online scan now

Digital Footprint Report Complete
Your reputation and digital footprint are the data that’s left behind whenever you use a digital service. Each time you go online or use a digital service, you’re leaving a trail of information behind you. Start your online scan now.

Leaked Data
Leaked data on the Dark web. Search to find out if your email or password has been stolen. Find out how popular you are on the Dark Web. Start your search here.

Email and Password Breaches
Find out if your email was in a Data Breach or Dark web search, and how to determine if your email or password was stolen. Start your search here. 

Social Mentions
Search engines allow you to monitor all public social mentions on social networks and the web. You need to register here to start your search.

Doxbin, SocialMedia and Internet Research Report
Internet search with our formula. It also includes Searches for main data broker sites, social media, Doxbin, and more. Start your search now. You need to register here to start your search.

IP Reputation
Reverse IP world data and analysis; we provide you with information on absolutely any IP address / any world website you request! You need to register here to start your search.

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